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Over the Rope


Rope (or net for outdoors)
One or more balls (soft if you value your windows)

Game Description

Split the players into two teams and send them to opposite ends of the hall. Suspend a rope or net across the hall and throw one or more balls into the court.

Players pick up the ball and throw it over the rope with the aim of hitting someone from the opposing team. Not out if they catch the ball, if it bounces first or if the ball is thrown under the rope.

With more than one ball tactics can be used - throw one ball across, wait for someone to pick it up and hit them while they're not watching.

Harder balls make a more satisfying thud on the opposite wall but have a habit of breaking windows (and boy do they hurt!).

Up to you if they can touch the rope.

Worth attaching hooks to the side of the hall just to play this game.

Patrol Leaders and Sixers should be instructed to ensure everyone gets their share of throws.