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Tin Soldiers


chairs, tables, books, any object that gets in their way.

Game Description

Choose who will be "A" and who will be "B". In the first round A's will be the tin soldiers and B's will be their directors. Tin soldiers can only move forward. They have no power to think or make decisions. ( Whats new ).

Tin soldiers walk slowly with stiff legs and arm joints, obeying only the direct orders of their own B's.

B's job is to guide his tin soldier and to turn him so as to avoid hitting walls, tables, chairs, and any other soldiers walking around the room.

Now have B's wind up their tin soldiers and turn them on.

After a few minutes stop the action and reverse the rolls.


A's are to be on their backs on the floor. They are to become totally limp like rag dolls.

B's job is to stand them up. It is an almost impossible task if the A's remain limp. After a few minutes reverse the rolls.