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Game Description

1. Everyone sits in a circle, and covers their eyes and the Leader chooses a murderer ( unknown to the others ) by tapping that person on the head.

2. Everyone uncovers their eyes and the murderer may kill anybody in the group by winking at them. ( no one but the murderer can wink ).

3. If a person recieves a wink he must count 5 and fall forward and say aaahh! ( he is dead and cannot participate for the rest of the game ),

4. If a person spots another person winking at someone he may accuse that person of being the murderer.

5. To accuse a murderer, a person must raise his hand and wait until he is asked to speak. He may then accuse the person who winked, by saying " I think................... is the murderer.

6. After the accusation has been made, the accuser must have someone to back up his accusation. If not, the accuser must die. ( If there is no-one to back-up the accuser the suspect does not have to say whether he is the murderer or not.)

7. A murderer is dead if he is accused correctly by two people.

8. If an accuser and a witness are wrong, they both must die.

9. The game ends when the murderer is caught.


a. The murderer may be chosen by the group, choosing a piece of paper from a box. The one who chooses the only piece of paper with a cross on it, is the murderer.
b. Choose two murderers.