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Two battons
Your sections leaders best camp tin plate
Four goal posts

Game Description

This game is the similar as football but you use battons (short sticks such as lengths of broom handle) and My Dads Best Camp plate or that is what we use anyway you could use your leaders camp tin plate if they will let you. The object of the game is to hit the Tin plate in to a goal using the battons.

Before you do this you must and this is a must get your battons and bang the floor over the Tin plate and then bang the battons together over the Tin Plate (this must be done three times).

Rules. Split the group up in two teams and number them from 1-n on both sides then get a leader to call out a number between 1 and n who then must run up, pick up their battons and then hit battons on the floor and together three times and then start hitting the Tin Plate towards their goal (their goal is the one that they are facing)

They are not allowed to score a goal from their first hit of the tin plate or this may cause unfairness.