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Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum



Game Description

Start with two lines of players facing each other at least five to six feet apart.

Number off, 1 to n down one way on one line and Number off 1to n starting from the opposite end from previous line. One line is called Tweedle Dee and the Other Tweedle Dum.

A nominated person not playing calls out a number.

The two players of that number take one pace towards each other. The member of the Tweedle Dum team starts by saying "I am Tweedle Dum". The other replies "I am Tweedle Dee". Each has to accomplish without laughter or smiles. Each time they say it they take a step formward.

They can try and make each other laugh. Once they laugh they go back to the line. The object is to see how close they can get to the other person while keeping a straight face. Then the nominated person calls out another number and so on