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The Stick Game


A Stick - 24" long
A pad of paper and a pencil

Game Description

The participants are counted off in pairs, one, one, two, two, three, three etc (you should have an even number of players, and try to match physical abilities as close as possible).

The ones go to form lines diagonally opposite each other, the twos beside the ones, the threes beside the twos, etc. until the last pair is diagonally opposite at the other end of the line, facing the ones. The lines should be a minimum of 20 feet apart. In the center of the lines, and half way between them place a stick, on end, in the ground. It should stand a minimum of 18 inches out of the ground.

Indoors, the stick should be capable of standing steadily without falling over. Outdoors, the same applies, but a sharp wooden tree limb stuck into the ground works well.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

| stick

7 6 5 4 3 2 1

A leader calls out a number at random. If for instance "5" is called out then it is the two "fives" turn. The object is to grab the stick and return with it to your line. If you can do so without getting tagged then your side scores a point. If you grab the stick but get tagged before crossing back to your line the other side scores a point.

Once the stick is grabbed, it can not be dropped to avoid being tagged. Some times one of the pair is asleep at the switch and doesn't come out. Too bad for his side as the other team scores an easy point.

The leader should keep track of the numbers called so that everyone gets an equal turn as well as the score. The boys very quickly learn to use strategy to decide when to grab the stick. It is OK to circle around the stick before grabbing it, a strategy that works well for a straight line run back to your line.

Don't let them dance around too long, put a time limit on it if a group seems unable to commit to grabbing the stick, and declare a tie if neither side grabs the stick.