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Dog and Bone


2 Chairs

Game Description

1. Draw a line down the centre of the hall horizontally and place a handkerchief on the line in the middle.

2. Divide up into 2 equal teams and number the players on each team from 1 to however many people are playing on each side. There should be for example two number ones, twos, threes etc.

3. Place a chair at each end of the hall. one in each half made by the chalk.

4. Numbers are then shouted out and 2 players - one from each team - go up to their side and without crossing into the other teams half have to get the handkerchief (bone) and get it back to their chair without the other team tagging them before they get back.

5. The opposing team member can not cross the line until the handkerchief has been picked up. If the line is crossed the opponent wins. There are no rules to say who picks up the handkerchief first.

6. The handkerchief must be placed on the teams chair wthout the opponant having tagged the person with the handkerchief. If they are tagged before this the other team wins.