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Ladder of Legs



Game Description

Split your group into 2 teams (tallest to shortest). Get them to sit on the floor facing each other in a line, with their legs straight and their feet touching.

Leave approximately a 50cm gap between each pair, and there must be room behind each side of the line.

Give each opposite pair a number and when their number is called, they must run down the middle of the line stepping over the legs to the end, then run round the back of the line to the other end and down the middle again back to their place. The first one back is the winner. Keep scores and the team with the highest score wins.

To make it more interesting call more than one number at a time.

If there is an odd number a leader/helper can be volunteered to fill the space.

Also make sure that the players keep their hand close to their bodies or they may get trodden on as the players race down the back of the lines


Chinese Ladders

Instead of shouting out a simple number, try calling out a simple sum, the answer to which is the number of the player to run. This helps with arithmatic and helps with the suspense.


Instead of giving the players numbers, give them a type of shop (baker, Butcher, Scoutshop etc.)

Then tell a story about your shopping trip and when you buy a carrot for example the grocers have to run. If you buy a copy of Scouting magazine then both the newsagents & Scoutshop would run