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Moor House


2 Chairs per Patrol / team (n.b. the chairs should have solid backs),
2 coloured beanbags per Patrol / team

Game Description

This is a game of speed and memory. Each Patrol/team sits evenly spaced down the length of the hall with a chair at each end in line with the Patrol/team.

The chairs should have full backs and face away from the Patrols so that they canít see the beanbags on the chair.

Start with the bean bags either both on the same chair or one on each, the beanbags should be setup the same for each Patrol.

The members of each Patrol are numbered 1 to n, if the Patrol is short of numbers the Patrol leader takes up the spare number.

A leader calls a number and a colour e.g. Red 5. The 5th member of the Patrol runs to the chair with the red bean bag on it and moves it to the other chair and then runs back to their original position.

E.g. with a red beanbag, and blue beanbag

Red = move red beanbag

Blue = move blue beanbag

Yellow = move all beanbags one at a time

The colours can be changed as appropriate.

Additional: Add a third beanbag

Moor House is the Durham Scout County Campsite and Training Centre (N.E. England) where the game was devised