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Steal the Bacon


A beanbag, or other soft item to be used as the 'bacon'
A Whistle

Game Description

Split the group into two teams and give each team member a number.

The Teams stand in a line facing each other about 20 to 30 feet apart.

The beanbag is placed in the centre between the two teams.

The leader calls a number, and the boy from each team with that number comes out to attempt to 'steal the bacon' and take it back to their side - without being tagged by the other boy. They can not be tagged until they have touched the bacon.

If the 'stealer' is tagged, the team who tagged gets one point. If the bacon is successfully brought back, then the 'stealerís' team gets the point.

The first with 10 points (or however many you would like to set), wins.

To make it even more interesting, try calling several numbers at once. It gets really interesting when there are 4, 6 or even 8 boys in the middle, vying for the 'bacon'.