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Something to stack - Building Bricks or Large LEGO or Tent Pegs

Game Description

Each team need to be numbered and sitting equally distant from building material of which there should be 5 per team less 1.

The object of the game is for a tower to be built, 6 items high, by the numbered member of the team, WITHOUT ANY PHYSICAL HELP FROM HIS TEAM.

On calling out a number, that team's member runs to the centre and can carry ONE item at a time to his base, at any time he may 'borrow' an item from an other team in order to complete the task.

At his base the items are stacked to make a tower, tent pegs stacked as for drying out after camp.

No team may 'defend' their tower.

Winning team is the one with all six items standing without any item having been touched by other members of the team! Lots of sharp eyed refereeing required.