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A football
Something to make goals

Game Description

From Tallest to Shortest number the Scouts off into 2 Teams.

The two teams go to opposite sides of the room and create a goal for themselves using chairs, or boxes. The teams line up tallest to smallest, and are all give individual numbers, 1234567 for one team and 1234567 to the other team, thus ensuring fair pairing off. The teams stand in their goal, as if they were all the keeper with their arms linked.

A ball is then placed in the middle of the room and a number is shouted. That number scout runs from the team towards the ball and has to score like in football in the opposites goal. The scouts left in the goal have to defend the goal with their feet only, there are not allowed from the goal. If the ball goes over the scouts in the goal, its a no goal. The ball has to go between the two chairs below scout height. If either scout who has been called is seems to be unlikely to score, another number is shouted and those two numbered scouts have to come and help their existing team mate. As many numbers can be called during and at the begging of the game. When a goal is scored all scouts return to their teams in the goals, and the game is started again.

The Scouts in the goal have to remain linked at all times, if they break the link (Apart from when a scout leaves due to the calling of their number), a penalty is rewarded to the opposite team. The original players are only allowed in goal during a penalty, if you are called out when the penalty takes place you have to stand behind the penalty taker.

The game can last as long as wanted.