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Fill the Gap


A chair for each player

Game Description

Each Scout sits on a chair in a ring. One is then told to stand up and go into the centre. This means that there is now an empty chair in the ring. The Scout to the right of the empty chair moves around to sit in it. His chair is now free, so the Scout to his right moves into it.

This carries on as fast as possible, so that all of the Scouts are moving round one at a time to the left, and the free space is moving right (it makes more sense when you see it!)

The Scout in the middle has to try to sit on the free chair before it is taken. Whoever lets him into the circle then goes into the middle, and the game continues until all Scouts are tired or bored.

To be cruel, you can really confuse the person in the middle by taking away the free chair while he is not looking.