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British Bulldog



Game Description

One person is selected to be on. That person stands in the middle of the hall, every one else stands at one side of the hall. The idea is for every one to get from one side of the hall to the other without being out.

To be caught the person who is on has to 'tag' the others as they pass. Once somebody is out they are on with the person in the middle. The game ends when everybody is out.

Another version can be played where the person in the middle selects a player to attempt to make it to the other side of the area. If they make it without being tagged the rest of the players can then run across to join him. If the player is tagged they join the player in the centre and they choose another player to attempt a crossing.

There are various versions of this game and certain (more 'rigourous') versions are not encouraged on grounds of safety. Traditionally this has been played where the player in the middle picks the player up off the ground once they have caught them. This can lead to dangerous situations developing and this game should be properly supervised to ensure that it doesn't get too rough.