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A chair for all but one of the players

Game Description

This game is loosley based on Musical Chairs, although it has no music. All but one player form a circle and sit on their chairs facing inwards. The player without a chair then stands in the middle. Each player is then given a Station Name which they keep for the whole game. (This could be Euston, Kings Cross, etc. or 1,2.3 ...)

The person running the game then calls out a number of stations. Those players whose stations have been called have to move from their chair to another chair. The scout in the middle has to try and sit on free chair before they are all taken.. The game then continues with the Scout in the middle changing as the game progress's. To increase the fun the Leader can call 'All Change' where upon all Stations must move at least two chairs from their current position.

If one person gets stuck in the middle then this can easily be solved by calling out only one station, usually that of an older Scout.