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Jump the Rope


1 Rope with knot in end
Bit of chalk to mark out a circle

Game Description

The game requires a circle on the floor of your HQ which you can draw in chalk.

Get yourself a rope and tie a fist sized knot in the end. The rope should be just over the radius of the circle.

The game operates with someone in the centre holding the unknotted end of the rope and spinning around. Gradually pick up speed and the rope lifts up as you turn round.

The players standing on the circle then need to jump to avoid touching the rope as it spins. A player is out if they fail to jump to avoid the rope and it touches them. Players who go beyond the end of rope's reach (ie off circle) should also be given out.

The winner of the game is the player who is left.

Note that this game can lead the person in the middle feeling rather disoriented, and that the rope should not be spun too high.

A possible problem to be aware of is the rope looping round a foot and pulling them over as you spin it. Watch carefully that it does not get caught on someone or stopped suddenly or you could be pulled over.