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Swing the Barrel


A rope of suitable length
A small barrel - a 2.5 to 5 Litre Plastic Container

Game Description

Fasten the barrel onto the end of the rope.

A leader stands in the centre of the hall swinging the rope with barrel on the end. All the scouts stand at one end of the hall. Two lines down the length of the hall are required, these are boundaries.

The scouts have to run from one end to the other without being hit by the barrel or going outside the boundaries. They don't start back again until all runners have got to the same end.

A countdown can be introduced to speed up the game.

Safety: The leader should swing the rope with one arm, holding the excess rope in the other hand with a loose loop between the two hands. When a scout is hit by the rope rather than the barrel they may get lassoed, the leader should then release the rope from the swinging arm. This reduces the speed with which the Scout will hit the floor.