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Duck and Egg


A plastic duck or two (bath time variety)
One or more balls

Game Description

The group gets into a circle. In the middle the leader holds the ball and the duck. The duck is then passed continuously around the circle.

The leader throws the ball at anyone they so chose whilst the duck is going around. The person who catches the ball throws it back to the leader.

If either the duck or "egg" is dropped then that person is out and sits down, still in the circle, (the size of the circle does not decrease). The remaining players have to pass the duck around over the 'out' players heads and still try to catch the "egg" at the same time.

The game can be made more complicated by using more than one "egg" or duck at once. Try it with two "eggs" and two ducks going in different directions!

The winner is the last person standing - apart from the leader!