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Moon Men


Pieces of card, approx 150mm x 200mm (6" x 8"), large enough for two Beavers to stand on at the same time, with their feet completely on the card.
You will need enough pieces for all your Beavers to stand on (12 pieces of a colony of 24 boys etc)

Game Description

Sprinkle the card around the room

Get the Beavers walking or running around the card 'craters' in a circle

When a Leader shouts 'Monster Coming' each Beaver must jump in a crater, represented by having all of both feet on a piece of card.

To start with there are enough pieces of card for all the boys, but after each go, remove one piece of card. Any Beaver failing to fit in a crater is out.

The game continues until their are just two Beavers left.


Many variations can be played, such as playing in shark infested waters. When the Beavers hear 'Shark Coming!' they have to climb on an island

With this version you can shout 'Tide Turning' to reverse the direction the Beavers walk/run around; 'Storm!' to get them to exagerate their swimming movements.


Move the cards around the floor to make sure that the Beavers don't congregate in one spot.