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Dodgeball # 1


Football, Bean bag or softball

Game Description

A game that can be run anytime as a filler or to wear them out.

It will improve co-operation skills since it works best when people pass the ball.

Basics: All the Scouts spread out around the hall or playing area. Once they have chosen their position they are not allowed to move.

One player is called out and becomes the runner. He must avoid being hit by the ball which is thrown by the other players. He can run, duck, dive etc., but must stay within the boundary of play and cannot hit / knock the other players.

The other players try to hit the runner with the ball. They must not move their feet and can only hold the ball a couple of seconds before they throw it.

Whomever throws the ball that hits the runner is then ‘up’ and they must start running.

Throwers are not allowed to trip / hit the runner.

A Leader or two will be needed to collect the ball if played out of the hut.

Variations can be made - Throwers can only use one hand - must stand on one leg - cannot talk / shout.

The game continues until everyone is shattered or you need to move on