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Queen's Tag



Game Description

1.Players pair up & stand in a circle. Each pair is arranged so that they are standing facing inwards, one of the pair behind the other. Space them out so that there is enough room to run between the pairs.

2. Choose a pair to be Chaser and Chased. Send one to opposite side of circle to start the game.

3. The Chaser then tries to catch the Chased. They must run in and out of the circle & not vanish off into the distance!

4. When the Chased is tired or nearly caught, he stands still in front of one of the pairs in the circle. When he does this, the one at the back of the pair now takes part in the chasing but becomes the CHASER, and the original Chaser becomes the Chased. It can become a quick, non-stop game if the Chased keep standing in front of the pairs in the circle.

5 If someone is caught, they just stand in front of a pair in the circle and the game goes on!

Watch out for:

- the circle getting smaller and smaller as the game goes on. When someone is caught, take the opportunity to move the pairs back out a pace or two.
- the Chased must stand right in front of a pair. If it is not clear which pair he is standing in front of then the game can go wrong with two Chasers!
- make sure everyone gets a go. The Chased do tend to pick their friends so some will get lots of turns & some will get none.

Why do we call it Queens Tag? I saw footage of the Queen as a child playing this game aboard Brittannia, with some sailors and her sister.