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Rupture Cone


A large cone or other fairly large light object without sharp edges/corners

Game Description

The Scouts join up to make a circle and a large cone is placed in the middle.

The Scouts are then free to try and make someone else touch the cone by forcing the circle to move over or around the cone. If a Scout touches the cone he/she is out. If the circle is broken at any time, they have until the count of five to re-join. Otherwise the Scouts either side of the break are out. So the other players in the circle can try to keep them apart. If at any time the circle does not surround the cone, the Scouts should bring the circle back over. Otherwise the cone could be moved.

The winners are the last two Scouts.

You could try playing this with several objects placed inside the circle.

This is a very physical game, and all the Scouts regardless of size or gender adore playing it.

Alternative Name:

The Chair Game - Played as above but using a chair in place of the cone.

If the circle breaks then the two Scouts are instantly out.