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Honest Joes


Depends on the tasks you have in mind and where you are going to play.
A basket of GOLD, usually small pebbles painted with gold spray paint, this can be used time and time again.
A price list for the equipment the Scouts can buy.
A task list giving the reward for each task.

Game Description

Each player is given a list of tasks to complete. These tasks can be completed in any order and on completion of the tasks each scout is rewarded with his ‘wages’. It is not neccesary for all the tasks to be completed and each task is given a different value.

The tasks can vary depending on the equipment available to you and the ages of the Scouts taking part.

To complete each task the Scout may need to buy equipment, for example given the option of demonstrating an elevation sling, scouts who think would probably use their necker, however others may be persuaded to buy a triangular bandage for one piece of gold.

The idea is to give the scouts the idea that they are working alone by giving them each a task list but having some tasks where they may find it easier to work in teams, for example building a stretcher and carrying a scout 100 yards. Where scouts need to work in groups make the reward easily shared by the number of scouts it would take to perform the task, also ensure that any equipment needed is priced at a value that can be shared by the same number of scouts.

At the end of the allotted time ask each scout to calculate the pieces of gold they have earned.

This game is particularly useful if you are working towards a badge such as pioneer where the tasks can be streamlined to become badge requirements