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A long strip of fabric about 1-1.5 meters long for each Beaver

Game Description

The Beavers tuck the end of the fabric into the waistband of their pants, this becomes the tail of the beaver. It must drag on the floor when they run.

All except one of the beavers line up against a wall or in a line. They face a beaver who has no tail and is the T-REX who is very hungry and loves to eat tails.

When the T-REX roars, that is the signal for the dino’s to run to another safe place (other wall or line). The T-REX stomps on the tail to capture it. No hands allowed. When each dino looses its tail it becomes a T_REX.

Its a great game because the beavers get to be a dino, and then a t-rex also. It's amazing how fast they run when there are 15 t-rex’s and only 1 dino!