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Kangaroo Sumo


1 long rope to form a circle. (but this is not essential)

Game Description

A rope is placed in a circle about 4m diameter (depending on the number of Scouts) to form the ‘ring’. The Scouts are numbered off and the leader calls 2 numbers.

Those 2 Scouts cross their arms and hop to the middle of the ring.

The object of the game is to either knock the opponent over or knock them from the ring, without putting the other foot on the floor or uncrossing the arms. Towards the end it is entertaining to call out more than 2 numbers.

This sounds rough, and can be, so a close watch and preferably a soft surface are required. However it is great to watch a small 11 year old hopping like a mad thing to avoid a great hulking 15 year old who then falls from exhaustion!