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Swedish Cat & Mouse



Game Description

From a Swedish Scout leader from Uppsala, with the Ornsberg Scout Corp, Stockholm...

Pair all of the players up. Each individual should link arms with their partner, forming the pair.

Get all the pairs to stand in a largish circle, facing inwards. The pairs should not be able to touch each other - there should be gaps large enough that people can run through them.

Select one pair to start the game as cat and mouse, one person as the cat (hunter) and the other as the mouse (hunted).

The aim of the game is that the cat must try to catch the mouse. The mouse can escape by running around the area, in and out of the other pairs in the circle. The mouse is caught if he / she is touched by the cat. However, the mouse may also escape by linking arms with one of the players standing as a pair in the circle. If this happens, the player on the other side of the pair becomes the mouse and must try and escape the cat.

If the mouse is caught, the mouse then becomes the cat - the hunter becomes the hunted - and must try and escape in the manner descibed above