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Cursed Necker


A necker

Game Description

First get all players sat in a circle, then nominate the first player to be "it". Give the necker to them and say it holds an evil curse and to get rid of it they have to drop it behind one of the other players. Let them walk round the circle (in one direction only is best) until they have decided who they are going to pick on. The player who is it must then drop the scarf behind one of the sat down players. That player will now be it unless he can catch the player that dropped the necker. The player that dropped the necker has to run round the circle (not any where else or it gets silly) and try to get back to where the other player was sat. Both have to run in the same direction and the player that was sat down must have the necker in his hands when he is running round.

A good game for killing time, can last as long as you want and you don't have to use a necker anything will do that fits the job (balls, beanbags, newspapers, blankets, or even nothing and tag them with your hands).