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Game Description

This is a great instant game based on compass points and ideal for wearing Cubs and Scouts out at the start of a meeting, or at the end, or indeed whenever the whim takes you. You can even get a Patrol Leader or Sixer to do the shouting for you...

One wall of the hall is designated as North, and the players are lined up at the opposite end (South). The Leader then shouts out a compass point (North, East etc) and the players must race to the corresponding wall of the hall. Another compass point is given, and the players race there, and so on. After a couple of practice runs, the last player to get to the (correct) point each time is knocked out of the game.

The number of compass points used is generally determined by the level of compass knowledge of the players, but also by the number of players participating (you try getting 30 Scouts to rush to ESE without any of them breaking limbs in the ruck to avoid overflowing into E and SE!).

The game finishes when a)there is only one player left, or when b)the Leader loses his or her voice. It can be played outside, but the boundaries of the playing area need to be clearly defined to stop your Cubs and Scouts disappearing into the sunset at high speed amidst all the frantic excitement.