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Flying Saucers


Saucepan Lid at least 15cm in diameter
2 Lengths of string 10m each (longer to amke it harder!
A football / Bag Of Water

Game Description

Find the centre of the two long strings and tie them both to the pan lid. (Clove hitch time!)

Place the pan lid upside downon the ground with the strings at 90 degress to each other so that you have a 'cross'.

Create a suitable obstacle course. such as chairs, or other things you can 'land' on.

Place the ball / water bag on the saucer, and assign one member of the five as team leader. All other team members take a string each.

The idea of the game is to complete the course as quickly as possible without dropping the saucers passenger. Make things more interesting by lengthning the string or blindfolding all but the one scouter giving directions (this makes it a better 'team builder' - have fun!