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The Pea Game


A Length of rope 2-3 metres knotted at one end to provide a little weight.
Some Dried peas
Something to collect peas in e.g. bowls
A Whistle

Game Description

The aim of the game is to collect as many peas as possible in the allowed time.

1. A Leader stands in the centre of the room with the rope.

2. The dried peas are spread around the Leader in a circular area about 2-3 metres in radius.

3. The teams are given a bowl to collect their peas in and are arranged around the pea covered area, but away from the rope.

4. The Leader starts swinging the rope around about shin height.

5. On the first whistle, the players have to collect peas without being hit by the rope. If they are hit, they are out and have to sit away from the playing area while the rest of their team carries on.

6. On the second whistle, the players stop & count their peas. Winners are those with most peas.

To repeat, spread the collected peas back onto the floor. Best done in short bursts. Move the teams around the hall too.