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Crocodile Pit


Sturdy chairs - per six, one chair less than members in team, i.e. six team members, 5 chairs

Game Description

Mark a line across each end of your playing area, either with chalk or rope etc.

The teams line up behind one of the lines with their chairs next to them.

The object of the game is to reach the other end of the playing area using the chairs, without touching the floor between - the crocodile pit.

If a team member touches the floor the team must return to the beginning.

To add variety and fun, start with two less chairs, rather than one, or add extra penalties by removing a chair if a team member touches the floor. A team member touching the floor can also be deemed lost to the crocodiles....

The game can be played with uneven team numbers, i.e. if you have 18 cubs you could play with two teams of 5 and two of 4 etc.