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Not in my Patch


1. Some means of marking areas on the ground - we use staves
2. Lots of small balls - we use squashed up newspaper sellotaped into balls
3. Whistle - or some means of being heard over the noise

Game Description

The aim of the game is to have as few balls on your area as possible when the game ends.

1. Divide the play area into as many sections as you have sixes/patrols e.g. Four sixes = four sections.

2. Each team/six/patrol stands in a defined area.

3. Divide the balls equally between the teams.

4. On the first whistle the teams throw the balls out of their area, and continue to try to keep their area clear of balls.

5. On the second whistle, they must stop throwing & count the number of balls in their patch.

6. The Winners are the team with the fewest balls in their patch when the second whistle blows.

7. Repeat ad nauseam - dont bother dividing the balls up before starting again. Its not really necessary.

One advantage of newspaper balls is that they don't fly too far when thrown, so if youre playing this outside it keeps the game small & you don't lose any (many) balls - if you do, they are cheap & easy to replace.