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Remote Knotting


A Staff, 2 short Knotting Ropes, A chair or a tall cone
A Long Rope

Game Description

A suitable item to tie a knot to is required, if a tall cone per patrol is not available then fasten a staff to a chair or one scout sits in the circle holding the staff vertical.

The objective is to faster the required knot or hitch around the cone/staff without entering the circle. The circle should be large enough so that the scouts can't throw a loop over the staff. If there is a scout in the centre, he can't touch the rope except for keeping it above him. Only the equipment provided may be used, staffs and poles can't be used to move the rope within the circle.

The first patrol to tie the knot wins.

The following knots and hitches are possible:-

Clove Hitch
Highwaymans Hitch
Rolling Hitch

It you know of any other knots that can be achieved then please e-mail the Games Editor.