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Ready for Camp


Rucksack, items for inside rucksack(boots,clothes,spare clothes etc)- leaders choice
Items not for rucksack - electronic games, knives etc - leaders discression

Game Description

Place items that you 'would' and 'would not' take to camp at the end of a room on a table/floor. Place a rucksack in fromt of the first member of the teams.

Tell the teams that they are to pack a rucksack with the items they would take to camp and leave behind those that would not be required.

Use the game as a team relay with each person walking briskly/running with the rucksack to collect an item, pack it in the rucksack and return back to his team. the next person will then take the rucksack and so on.

When all the teams think that they have packed what they need and have left what is not required, each of the rucksacks are emptied in front of the team and then a discussion can be continued with the leaders and teams.

This game is an ideal way to start preparations for camp by explaining to the boys what to take and what not to take and how to pack a rucksack for the older scouts / ventures.