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A Bit of a Handful


Chair - to place items on & help carry items, a box - to help carry things in, and anything else you can lay your hands on - i.e. wellingtons(1 off), coat, hat, scarf, magazine, rope, ball, bowl, bamboo cane - (anything in the hut is ideal but each team must have the same)

Game Description

The items as described within the equipment list are placed on a table/floor at the end of a room opposite the associated team.(each team must have the same items in each pile)

On the word go, the first member of the team walks briskly/runs to the table and selects the first item of equipment, picks it up and returns to his team, passes it on to the next person who goes to the table and collects a second item of equipment and returns with both pieces to his team, passes it on to the third person.....and so on.

The team who gets all of the equipment from the table to the team wins.

The idea is that they should collect the item which will carry most equipment, ie the box, first, and place the rest of the equipment in it - and leave the heaviest item till last....they usually don't do this.

If they drop anything they must stop, pick it up and continue on.

It may be made more complicated by placing obstacles in the path for them to negotiate but safety is paramount - obstacles should only be used for the older sections.