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Wrap the Kea


Rolls of toilet Paper
rope or chalk
rubbish bin

Game Description

You need two or three or more volunteers depending on your numbers to be the Kea, organise the groups evenly, if short use a leader or parent helper. Place the Keas at the end of the hall or outside, place the teams on the opposite side with some distance between them, for the relay.

Each team is behind a chalked line, or rope. An unused toilet roll is placed in front of each group. It's a good idea to have some spare rolls in case your group numbers are high.

On the whistle each team members runs up and wraps the kea, when the whisle blows the team person has to run back and hand the toilet roll to the next person, this is done till everyone has a turn.

Each team sits down once they are finished, once they have done this the Kea that is wrapped then trys to take flight and runs to their team and sits down with them.

Once the game is finished each team member helps to clean up.

Alternative names: Wrap the cub, leader, scout, parent ,mummy, etc. Or instead of a whistle, use music, or call out.