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Cat Relay


Two plastic bowls and 10 cat biscuits per team
A straw per player

Game Description

This is a team relay game. At opposite end of room to where teams line up a chair needs to be placed for each team with two plastic bowls on it with the cat biscuits in one bowl.

The first player runs up to the chair and using the straw they suck and hold a biscuit on the end of the straw and drop it into the other plastic bowl. This is repeated until all biscuits are transferred from one bowl to the other.

This team member then runs back to their team and the next team member runs up and transfers the biscuits back to the first bowl. The winning team is the team where each member has transferred biscuits from one bowl to another.

The number of biscuits can be varied according to the time available. I used to do this game with dried peas and one day didn't have any so grabbed the cat biscuits on my way out and the Cubs love it!