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Pull the Elephant


Two Chairs
Small piece of rope, approx. 18" long, per person on each team

Game Description

This game is based on ropework.

Divide into two teams and give each member of the team a piece of rope each. Place the two chairs at the top of the den, in front of each team.

Using a bowline knot, attach one piece of rope to one front leg of each chair. When both teams are ready, starting with the first player of each team, they must attach their piece of rope to the one on the chair, using a reef knot. He stays there when finished. The next boy runs up and ties his rope onto the last one and so on until all the boys have tied their rope making a long chain.

The last person when finished, must sit on the chair, he is the elephant.

When all have finished the other boys pick up their chain and pull the chair back to their starting point. The first team finished, with all knots tied correctly and standing in a straight line behind the elephant, wins.