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First Aid Improvisation


neckerchief, belt, rope, cub jumper, triangular bandage, 2 old newspapers and a magazine,
1 of each item for each team

Game Description

In teams the players line up ready for a relay race. At one end of the hall is a pile of items - see equipment needed.

When 'Go' is called the first player runs to the pile and has to pick out an item from which an arm sling could be made. They then run back and place the sling on the next player in the line.

The first player with an arm sling to be back at the pile for inspection by a leader, gets the points - say 5 for the idea, 10 for a good sling, if it would work in a real situation!

The player then returns to the team and when the team are ready the leader shouts 'Go' again for the next cubs turn.

You could do this as many times as you want for slings. When all have had a turn you can add up points for the team who was first most often or had the best slings.

The game teaches the cubs how to improvise without first aid equipment, but they need to know how to make slings in the first place!