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Bench Chair Relay


1 Chair per patrol, 1 Bench per Patrol, 1 Baton Per Patrol

Game Description

Position the benches equally around the hall about 6 ft away from the wall (that's 2 metres for the scouts), place the chairs at the end of the benches all either on the same side as the patrol is sitting.

Each Patrol sits on their bench, the first scout on the chair with the baton.

The first Scout of each Patrol runs round the outside and back to has Patrol where he sits at the end of the Patrol, meanwhile the Patrol shuffles up and when the runner gets back the baton is passed along the Patrol.

When the Scout on the chair gets the baton he runs.

If a Scout is overtaken whilst running, he is out when he returns to the Patrol.

If another runner goes past the Patrol whilst they are passing the baton then the next runner is out.

The game continues until there is only one runner left.