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Numbers Relay


1 to 100 random number sheet (this is a 10 x 10 grid with the numbers 1 to 100 randomly located) - a copy for each team

Game Description

Run as a standard relay, each Scout runs up the hall and has 25 seconds to work through the numbers on the sheet, looking for each number in turn, starting with number 1.

As they find each number they need to put their initials in the box (the squares need to be big enough to be initialed.)

At the end of the 25 seconds the players writes the number they are looking for on the side of the sheet. Alternatively they may tell the next player the number they are looking for

Scoring: This takes some time since you need to check each number is signed.

1 point for each number signed (excluding any that are greater than the last number being looked for)

Minus 2 points for missed numbers

Minus 2 points for any numbers signed above the last no.