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Planting Seeds


Straws (one each)
Malteasers (one for each per go)
Empty Egg boxes (one per team)

Game Description

The teams line up opposite the egg boxes which are placed on the floor. One malteaser is placed in the egg box for each team member and each team member is given a straw.

Each team member in turn has to run up to the egg box and use the straw to pick up a malteaser by sucking on the straw and dropping it into the lid of the egg box. Once they have the malteaser in the lid of the egg box they can pick it up and run back to their team, but they have to show the next team member the malteaser so that they can't eat it till they get back, (so they don't choke on it)

The first team which has planted all their seeds and is sat in a straight lin is the Winner.

To make it harder Scouts and older Cubs can't use their hands to hold the straw.