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Akela's X-ray Eyes


Set of 'money' notes (we use Scout Wood 20.00!)
Set of camping equipment cards i.e., tents, cooking utensils, sleeping bags, cooking fire, rucksacks, first aid kit etc.
One marble per six

Game Description

Split the pack into even sixes/groups and send each six to a home base. A Leader sits in a central position.

One Cub from each group approaches the Leader with outstretched hands, the marble being concealed in one hand. The leader tries to guess which hand the marble is in.

If correct then the Cub returns to his six and the next player has a go.

If the Leader is wrong then they pay up one note (20).

The game continues. When a six has enough money to purchase a camping item, at an agreed price i.e. 100 for the tent etc. it can do so.

Buying an item constitues a go, and the Cub cannot also challenge the Leader.

Game ends in either a six purchasing all the required kit to go to camp or in an agreed time. If the second ending is chosen then the winning six is that which has the most kit plus money.