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A wall with hard, flat ground in front of it.
A tennis ball

Game Description

This is in individual competitive game to develop skill in catching and accurate, quick throwing.

A line is drawn on the ground parallel to and about 3 metres away from the wall, and another line at about waist height on the wall.

The players stand behind the line and one throws the ball at the wall. It has to hit below the line.

The ball must be caught cleanly by whoever is closest to it when it bounces back. If they fumble it, miss it or it hits them, they have to run to the wall and touch the wall before another player can retreive the ball and throw it at the wall.

If the second Scout fumbles it, or it hits the wall above the line, they too have to run and touch the wall before someone else throws the ball at it, and so on.....

If the ball hits the wall before the Scout touches it, he/she either loses a life.

This is a fast and chaotic game, and it needs careful control, but the Scouts (and older Cubs) enjoy it very much.