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Double Your Money


Set of monopoly/trading post money

Game Description

This is a game similar to 'Mixed Up Names' and 'Merchants'. Each player is given a $1 note at the start of the game. The players must then find the very generous leader with the $5 note who will swap a $1 for $5. The players can then go on to find and swap their currency with other generous leaders going from $5 to $10, $50, $100. $500 up to about $1000. You can award points to the first players with a $1000 note, or total the money held by a team after a certain time limit. It is easier to have one leader give one type of note but it is workable to have a leader give out 2 different notes as long as there is a few steps between them eg. $5 and $100, or $50 and $1000. It requires much agility from the leaders who need to deal with several handfuls of notes coming and going but it is well worth while. The cubs who have played this game really love it. The idea of being handed large sums of cash for nothing really got them running around, even when the money wasn't real. A few cubs asked 'Why don't you use real money?' - obvious really, you wouldn't see the leaders for dust.