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Elephant Hunt


Coloured wool to match up with six's colours
1 Tin Talcum powder
Plastic plant identification labels

Game Description

Tell story to the pack about the elephants who have escaped from the local circus, who have asked for the cubs help in getting the elephants back. The circus tell us that each elephant is wearing a coloured mat on it's back, each mat matches one of the sixes colours. So each six can look for the elephant wearing their sixes colour on it's back.

The cubs then follow a trail of wool, picking up their colours as they go. They must not pick up any other colours. You could tell them how many pieces they should find. The trail divides and finally the coloured wool disappears. All that can be seen is large (talcum powder) elephants footprints on the ground. These all lead to one place where the elephants can clearly be seen, wearing tatty mats on their backs, (parents or leaders). But the elephants have been caught by a gang of thieves who will sell them back to the cubs for 200 no more, no less.

The cubs are then told that they can gather this money from around a certain bush. This money is the plastic plant tabs, stuck into the ground around the bush. Each label is marked with an amount of money. Each six must only take labels to exactly 200 and pay the thieves for their elephant . They then take their elephant back to the circus where there is sure to be a reward.