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Hunt & Chase


Many different coloured 'flashes' or 'flags'

Game Description

We play a game called Hunt and Chase. We divide into an 5 teams. All the members on each team have personal flags of the same color they tuck into their belts. Each team can catch team members of one other team, and can be caught by the team members of a different team. When you are caught, you surrender your flag and are given the flag of the capturing team. There is no natural ending unless one teach catches everyone else. We usually play it for an hour or so, and then see which team is the largest. For "flags" we use things like pieces of twine, clothesline, manila rope, green garbage bags and brown garbage bags. Then the "twines" chase the "clotheslines," the "clotheslines" chase the "manila ropes," the etc. Some teams usually try to get other teams to help them. For example, the manila ropes could conspire with the twines to entrap the clotheslines. It is much more fun in that respect if you have 5 teams rather than 4 or fewer.