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1 Bag pasta shapes or macaroni
1 Bag dried peas or soya beans

Game Description

Split the pack or troop into 2 teams and give one team 6 macaroni (Gold) and the other team 6 dried peas (Silver). Explain that the teams should try to make as much money as possible in the time available. They may do this by trading with the 2 merchants (leaders) who will be roaming around. One merchant will give you 2 gold for 1 silver, the other will give you 2 silver for every 1 gold. The team with the most money by the end of the game wins (count silver and gold as equal value).


The merchants may swap their bags to confuse the players


Player and/or other leaders may steal from other players using tagging or lives.


Introduce another trading stage and merchant (and possibly another team) eg. bronze or platinum. Merchants only trade bronze for silver, silver for gold, gold for bronze.