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Mixed Up Names


1 Name card for each activity base leader and an activity for them to look after at that base

Game Description

Each of the leaders or the people manning the bases is given a card similar to the ones described below:

1.You are 'Thunder Fist'.

Tell them they must find 'The Kraken'.

2.You are 'The Kraken'.

Tell them they must find 'Thorin'.

3.You are 'Thorin'.

Tell them they must find 'The Hulk'.

4.You are 'The Hulk'.

Tell them they must find 'Robin Hood'.

5.You are 'Robin Hood'.

Tell them they must find 'Thunder Fist'.

You can of course vary the number of bases that you have. Each person manning a base is also given an activity that the cubs or scouts have to complete at that base. The base men are sent out and hide within a given area. The patrols are then sent out, each having been given a different 'NAME' to find. When a baseman is found, the scouts or cubs have to ask him if he is the name they are looking for. If he is not then they have to keep looking. If he is then he asks them to complete a simple scouting exercise such as tying a bowline. He then gives them the name of the next person they have to find. A point is given for completion of an exercise to the satisfaction of the baseman. The winning patrol is the one that finds all the basemen and completes the most tasks.