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Scout-Staff Treasure Hunt


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A wide game that is popular in our scouts is to distribute various items of a trangia around our local village, on the Scout Leaders doorstep, and the Exec.'s etc, and send the scouts off on a kind of a treasure hunt, with the aim to make a cup of tea for the S.L. and the A.S.L. at the end. The hunt started with a note telling them where to find the next item of the Trangia, and then the next note was on the next item, etc... It also helped the scouts to learn who their Exec. were, as the notes told them it was in the Secretary's garden, and it helped immensely if they knew who the secretary was...

Trangia: Swedish outdoor cooker, I'm not at all sure if it's known at all in the U.S., but it is very popular over here. It's light weight, and uses meths to run, but Butane attachments are available now. Mine splits up into several pieces, and so was ideal for this exercise.